Our Sectors

Financial Services

Compliance & regulation are keys to operating  financial institutions. Managing risks and uncertainties can cripple business performance.


Tropical have been safeguarding banking documents and insurance records for close to 40 years. We support our client to meet their regulatory demands, streamline operation cost and expedite their information access.

Public Sector

Managing public service information can be the most challenging responsibility. The volume of information is enormous while resources are limited.


With our world class storage solution & warehousing facilities, Tropical is well positioned to help the public manage exposure risks associated with data confidentially and privacy. With our digital information management solution, we continuously seek to integrate our clients’ physical world and digital footprint to deliver value based on the most optimized costs


With over 15 years of partnership experience with legal firms, we have learned the secret to helping our customers meet regulatory demands of the legal profession while balancing their cost of records management.


From keeping their physical records safe to digitally imaging them to securely destructing legacy legal documents, Tropical have the complete end to end solution.

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Implementing a robust records management solution for healthcare and pharmaceutical industries is becoming ever challenging….


To support our clients’ commitment to provide outstanding healthcare to their patients, Tropical records management solution ensures pharmacists and clinicians’ the capability to access the right information at the right time.

Manufacturing & Retail

Documents and information created throughout the manufacturing lifecycle are equally critical to the success of the product as their more distinguished retail & marketing components.


Tropical provides you the resources, document storage processes and proven digital technologies which allow your staff to concentrate on what matters most : your customers.

Accountancies & Audit

Ever changing regulations and strict compliances constantly challenge the professional accountancy and audit firms. The robust ability to quickly evolve their records management solution and information management technology allow our clients to stay ahead of the volatile environment


Tropical’s industry experience comes from working with professional accountancy and audit firms over the last 15 years. We understand their needs and we deliver fit-for-purpose solutions to meet their requirements.